Ex Machina Review

This is indeed an interesting year for films. There seems to be a common trend of using Artificial Intelligence (A.I) in a science fiction film. Chappie was the first, and Avengers is the next film to use A.I. It feels very natural because of how advanced technology is becoming, but it is something that has been done in films of the past. I did not think Chappie handled it very well, but Ex Machina not only handles it well, but brings something new to the table.
Meet Ava
Ex Machina tells the tale of Caleb who is a programer at a search engine called “blue book”. He wins a chance to meet Nathan (The CEO) who enlists his help in experimenting the world’s first A.I. (Ava). First of all, this film is technically brilliant. By this, I mean that it is gorgeously shot, has a great soundtrack, and subtle effects. These aspects of the film really show that the team behind it knew exactly what they were doing, but I would like to pay special attention to the visual effects. They are incredible. Not because they are innovative, but because they are subtle. The film does not want you to focus on the fact that Ava is a robot, but it wants to to see her in a more human light. Speaking of Ava, actress Alicia Vikander was simply phenomenal. She was able to properly convey a human aspect, while still maintaining her robotic nature. She caused the audience to fall in lover with her, question her, and even pity her. She kept me thinking about her motivations, and is one of the brightest spots in this fantastic film. Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac also star as Caleb and Nathan. They are both fantastic, and I especially enjoyed their back and forth. The two of them have remarkable chemistry, and delivered some great performances. However, occasionally they stumbled over the script.
I Am God
Before I get into the plot (without spoilers), I would like to comment on the script. While it was mostly great, there were few lines that came across as (unintentionally) laughable. Now, for the plot. I thought it was good, up until the ending. The last 10 or so minutes made it great. This is a film that strives from it’s intellect. It does not need explosions or action set-pieces. All it needs are well developed characters, and an engaging plot. Thankfully this is what we got. Not only that, but this is the movie I wanted Chappie to be. Something that makes me think,and leaves me wanting more. The last 10 minutes were flawless. I will not spoil it here, but I believe it was absolutely perfect. They really made the difference between a good film, and a great one.
Closing Remarks
Yet another film from my top anticipated list has been released, and thankfully this one was great. While it had elements that prevented it from greatness, I am looking forwards to seeing this again. I advice everyone to see this film, and I promise you that you will leave it thinking more about where our society is headed.


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