Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Review

This review is long overdue, but I still feel inclined to write it. The first season of Star Wars Rebels wrapped up a month or so ago, and it was a pretty great season. It had its’ fair share of missteps, but all in all, the season surpassed my expectations.
Do, or do not
I did not have too many problems with the season, but here are the bright spots. First of all, the interaction between Kanan and Ezra was handled very well. I love seeing their evolution as master and apprentice. They had a great arc this season, and I am very excited to see where they go in the future. What I found most interesting about the two of them is how they both have darkness in them. They fight the “good fight” but there are scenes that really show how dark they can be. The rest of the rebels on the Ghost do not have enough screen time. Their interactions are good, but I had wished for a bit more backstory on them. However, I am hopeful that the next season fleshes them out a bit. The storylines were fairly good (more on that later) but they really shined when they focused on Ezra’s Jedi training. Other than all that, another great aspect of the this show is the villain: The Inquisitor. Wow, what a great villain! The voice acting of Jason Isaacs really brought the character to life, and he proved to be thoroughly intimidating. The lightsaber battles between Kanan and the inquisitor were also a highlight. They were swift, and very well animated.
There is no try
Now for some problems with the show. First of all, I am still not a huge fan of the animation style. It is worse than the last few seasons of the clone wars, which is very disappointing. I don’t mind a more “cartoony” look, but the animations are a bit too stiff and the texture is not very good. Another problematic spot of the show is the fact that some of the episodes are not very well developed. Some episodes were pretty boring and did not drive the main plot forward. I have high hopes that the future season does not have too many “filler” episodes, and instead consistently focuses on driving the overarching plot forward.
Closing Remarks
All in all, this is a great show. It has a nice mix of kid entertainment, as well as some sophistication for adults. The season ended on a fantastic episode that promises an exciting new season. I hope the show fulfills its’ promise.


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