Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Premiere Review

I have always been a huge Star Wars fan. Even the prequels, while not that great, have value to my life. I really enjoyed Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It was a really well done show, with some beautiful animations. I was very upset when the show was cancelled, but it ended on a very high note. Now that I have seen the first episode for Star Wars Rebels, I can safely say that I am no longer upset about Clone Wars’s cancellation.
A New Hope
The best aspect of this show is the atmosphere. It feels much like Episodes IV-VI, and that is good. It is a bit more kid friendly than Clone Wars, but the show is not afraid to be a bit darker either. The show also has a very playful feel, without being outright silly. The plot of the first episode was fairly basic, but it was very effective. It offered some substantial growth to the main cast of characters. Another huge plus to the show is the introduction of the characters. They are all very interesting, and have distinct personalities. They are not the most original group, but they are immensely likable. I was also very surprised at how much growth each character experienced in the span of one episode. I am looking forward to seeing where the show takes them. The action was pretty good in the episode, but there was not too much of it. It is not a problem, but I do hope there are more lightsaber duels in the future. The show also had a significant amount of heart.
Some Misfires
While it seems like the show is perfect, it is not. There are some weak spots, but it is nothing too damaging. First of all, the animation is not very good. The Clone Wars started off with less than impressive animation and turned into a truly beautiful show, so I am hoping the same happens with Rebels. Not all of the animations were bad, but the wookies were especially a low point. Another problem with the show are the villains. As of right now, they are not very interesting. I hope this changes very soon.
Closing Remarks
Overall, I thought this was a great start to what looks like will be a great series. While it had some weak villains and poor animation, it more than made up with strong characters and an engaging plot.


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