You’re Next Review

Last night was the first time I saw You’re Next, and I was not completely sure what to expect. From the previews it looked like a run of the mill horror film, but I heard some good things about it. I was pleasantly surprised with it. While it is not a flawless film, it is a lot of fun. I do not know with certainty if it was purposely cliché, but I think it was. The first half had the typical conventions of many horror films these days, but the second half turns it on its’ side. The writing and acting are that of a typical horror film. Nothing fantastic, but I think that was the point. I think it was supposed to be just like any other horror film, which is what made it hysterical with the deliveries of the actors. There were not as many scares as there were laughs, but when there were scares, they were effective. There were some nice twists as well. The plot was not anything special, but the twists elevated it above the plots of other horror flicks. Overall, this is a fun and gory film that is most enjoyable with a crowd of people. While some may be off put by its’ dark sense of humor, others (like me) will leave the theater satisfied.

You're Next


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