Saving Mr. Banks Review

I don’t remember much about Mary Poppins, but I remember that it wasn’t my favorite Disney film. I was very young when I saw it, and I probably couldn’t appreciate it. I watched this film because I am always interested in how films are made, and because the performances looked fantastic. I left this film very pleased. The biggest thing going against this film is just how “Hollywood” it is. It had a story that had been told before (in a different way), but the performances from the cast elevated the film to a whole new level. The standout in the film is Emma Thompson. In the beginning I would get disgusted with her character, but as the movie unfolded her character gained my empathy. Tom Hanks portrayed Walt Disney, and he did such a great job as well. The only other actor I will mention is Colin Farrell. He was, for me, the best part of the movie. His character was complex, and you simply hate to like him. He is a flawed character, but he keeps winning you over. The film was frequently funny, and even dove into darker territory. Both aspects of the film were handled very well, leaving me very satisfied with the film. I know that people will go and see this film, as they should. It made me want to re-watch Mary Poppins, and I hope there is some recognition for the acting in the Academy Awards.



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