The Wolf of Wall Street Review

This film had a fantastic trailer. It had me instantly hooked, and I could not wait until I saw the film. I was following the production of this film, and I heard how it almost got an NC-17 rating, and how it was delayed because of it’s length. It had many problems up to its release, but I left the film pleased. This is a film that is not for everyone. During the screening a whole group of people left the theater. It has been a while since I saw a lot of people leave a film. There is a lot of controversy with this film, but I still think it’s fantastic. First of all, the acting is fantastic. Leonardo DiCaprio was fantastic in the lead role. His character is unlikeable in his actions, but DiCaprio brings much charisma and energy to his performance. Jonah Hill gives the best performance of his career, and Matthew McConaughey (while brief) was great as well. The story was nothing that was spectacular, but the execution was fantastic. Martin Scorsese’s method of direction is simply fantastic. Even when I felt drained by the excruciatingly long length, he kept sucking me back in. The length is a big problem of the film. I feel like the film could have been much shorter, and I was growing more and more anxious to see the credits roll. The film was also frequently hilarious. There were several scenes that I found myself constantly laughing, and it did help make the film feel shorter. Overall, I really enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street. While I found it’s length problematic, it had fantastic performances, stylish direction, and some truly hilarious moments.



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