Doctor Who Season 7 Review

In March 2011, I stumbled upon a very weird television show. It was called Doctor Who, and it was unlike anything I have ever seen. I found a short 11 minutes preview, and was instantly hooked. What hooked me in was mainly the character, and the performance by Matt Smith. I had never heard of him, but he just sucked me right into the world of Doctor Who. I watched the first season with him (which is the 5th season) and awaited the 6th season to come out in April. Now I have finished watching the 7th season, and it is the last season with Matt Smith as the Doctor. He just regenerated, and I am left brokenhearted. This last season was a tough one. It started late 2012, and concluded December 25, 2013 (I am counting the specials). While there were some definite misses this season, overall I enjoyed it very much. If I choose a favorite episode it would most likely be the 50th anniversary. It just had some nice time travel moments, a fantastic plot, and some really funny moments. The biggest complaint I have for this season is how it was structured. It did not have any 2 part episodes. All of the episodes were standalone, with a continuing ark throughout. I really enjoyed 2 part episodes, and with their absence some episodes seemed a bit rushed. I think if more time was allowed, then they would have been much better. This season saw the departure of Amy and Rory, and the arrival of Clara. I was deeply saddened when the Doctor’s companions left him, but not nearly as much as when he regenerated in the Christmas special. Matt Smith is the reason I started watching Doctor Who, and it will never be the same without him but “time change and so must he”. The Christmas special, while I really liked it, also felt too rushed. This was really the biggest problem of this season. Some episodes would be much better if they were given extra time to tell the story properly. Other episodes (very few of them) had stories that did not peak my interest and no added length could help them. Overall, this season was another great addition to Doctor Who. Many changes were brought to the show, but most of them did not take anything away from the content of the show. There were some great surprises, some great stories, some great performances, and many heartbreaking moments. I will forever miss the 11th doctor, but at the same time I am excited for the 12th. The new season starts fall 2014, and I absolutely cannot wait.



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