Her Review

This film is number 8 on my most anticipated list of 2014. Needless to say, I had high hopes for it. I heard an overwhelming amount of praise prior to seeing this film, but I was careful not to allow it to cloud my judgment. The last thing I wanted was to allow my anticipation to ruin the experience. After watching the film, I sit here still digesting what I have experienced. There are many films that I like. Films such as Saving Mr. Banks and The Wolf of Wall Street entertain me immensely. The highest form of gratification I can give them is that they are both good films, and I really enjoyed them. The films I love are the films that leave their mark. They make me reflect on myself and the people around me. I love this film. From its’ writing, to its’ acting. Everything felt raw and I was along for the ride. The hardest selling point of the film is that a man falls in love with an operating system. People may wonder if Spike Jonze (the director and writer) and his crew pulled it off. They 100% pulled it off. I never once though of Samantha as an operating system. I felt as if she was in the room with Joaquin Phoenix. Both Scarlett Johansson and Joaquin Phoenix were excellent. They brought the excellent script to life, and I found their conversations the backbone of the film. The supporting cast was excellent as well, but the two of them really brought the film to a new level. I love the future Spike Jonze has created, mainly because we are not that far off. It shows just how reliant we have become on technology. It shows We have forgotten what it feels like to be human, and I hope we do not reach that point in the future. Overall, Her is a film that will stick with me. I will need to see it many more times to make sure that I have gotten everything out of the film. The performances are great, the writing is great, even the cinematography was great. I hope more people go to see this movie, simply because it is a film worth seeing.



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