Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Review

The trend with most January films is that they are not very good. Most studios push out their worst films during this early month in the new year. Jack Ryan breaks this trend. While it is not the best film, it was still a good time at the movie theater. The action was quick and cool, as was the editing. There were some interesting shot, whiles other shots reverted to the traditional “shaky cam” approach. The acting was fine all across the board, with Chris Pine carrying the whole film. The plot is very basic, riddled with spy film cliches. Keira Knightley’s character (Jack Ryan’s wife) is probably the blandest character. She was only meant to play a typical female role. She bore no relevance to the plot, and even became problematic for Jack. I enjoyed Kevin Costner’s character, but much like all the other characters, he remained rather one-dimensional. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit does not reinvent the spy film formula, but it stays true to it. It does not bring anything new to the genre, but it does succeed in entertainment. Out of all the new January releases, I think this one is the one to see. Too bad Ride Along and The Nut Job are getting more attention.



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