The Flash Season 1 Premiere Review

I am very glad with the direction of live action superhero television shows.The CW’s Arrow is a fantastic show, let alone superhero show, and the Flash is their newest contribution to the genre. While it does not share Arrow’s darkness, it is off to a good start.
Superhero Origins
The show has a few missteps here and there, but there is a lot they get right. First of all, Grant Gustin is great as Barry Allen. He definitely has charisma, and makes for a likable lead. He balances the comedic and dramatic aspects of the character very well. I am looking forward to seeing his character grow throughout the series. Aside from Barry, the rest of the cast is pretty decent. It was only the pilot, so most of the ensemble did not leave much of an impression, but a couple of them did. Other than Barry, Harrison Wells (played by Tom Cavanagh) is the most interesting character on the show. I will not spoil his character, but I am especially intrigued with his role in future episodes. John Wesley Shipp plays Barry’s father, and I thought he did a really good job. While some of the acting can come across as a bit over the top, his was the most grounded. The show definitely has a decent cast of characters, with a great lead, but it truly shines with its effects. The visual effects are great by television standards. I really like how they portrayed Barry’s speed. I thought it was pretty creative, and looked stunning.
Bumps in the Road
While the show definitely has many strong features, there are a few bumps in the road. First of all, the villain was fairly weak. This is not a big deal, but I do hope they become more interesting in future episodes. The biggest problem with the premiere is the dialogue. The show is not exactly the best written show on television. Some lines come across as incredibly laughable. The show is strong enough in the shows other aspects, but the dialogue definitely drags it down a notch. I remember Arrow’s first few episodes had some rocky dialogue, and it got much better throughout the season.
Closing Remarks
All in all, The Flash is a show I will keep watching. It is not perfect, but it has a lot of potential. While the dialogue could be better and the villain was weak, Gustin makes for a likable lead and the show has some great visuals.


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