The Legend of Korra Book 4 Premiere Review

I can not help but feel sad when reviewing the first episode of the final season of Korra. The series, as a whole, has been fantastic. Now with this final season, I see just how much the characters have grown, and how much these past three seasons have impacted them.
Everything is Connected
What I love most about this final season is that it does not forget about the past seasons. The world of Legend of Korra is still dealing with issues due to the fallout of the second season, let alone the third. This makes me think that the show runners have a genuine plan for the series. This season starts off with a bit of a shock; it leaps three years in time. I am very glad that the show did this, because it allows for the characters to mature a bit, and it truly shows. These are not the same characters from the first season. Their abilities have grown with them, along with their wisdom. This episode established what each character has done for the past three years, and gave some indication of the role they will play throughout the season. There were some new characters that were also introduced, such as Prince Wu and Kuvira. Prince Wu is the successor to the previous Earth Queen, and Kuvira has spent her time uniting the entire Earth kingdom. Prince Wu seems to be in the show mostly for some comedic moments, but I have a feeling he will play a larger role. Kuvira seems to be the main antagonist of the season, and she certainly plays the part. While she is uniting her people, she goes to great lengths to do so.
One Last Book
While this was an incredible start to the final season, it did not have enough screen time for a certain character. I will not spoil which one, but it is someone very important. I understand the reason for the absence, but I still felt like it worked against the show. These episodes are far too good to air only one a week. Other than that, there were no problems with this premiere.
Closing Remarks
The last season is among us, and it is certainly off to a good start. The plot has been established, as well as the characters. The animation is, as it always has been, gorgeous. The final season is making some big promises, and I believe that it will all pay off in the end.


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