The Flash Season 2 Review

Right off the bat, the second season of The Flash is not as strong as the first. At times it feels like the show is trying to reproduce some of the same plot points from the first season (with less success), but when the show strives is when it goes off the rails into new territory. Either way, this is still a solid second season to a show that I have learned to love.
Where I Came From, I Was A Speedster Like You
When The Flash began, I thought I would not like the show. It just seemed too silly for me, but I gave it a chance and throughout its’ first season I saw a major improvement in the show. When this season began I was already hooked, but somehow I learned to love it even more. I already mentioned that the season as a whole is not as strong as the first, but what is stronger than ever is the dynamic between these fantastic characters. Unlike a show such as Arrow, I feel like each and everyone of these characters have a strong connection with each other. The two strongest dynamics have to be Barry and Joe, and Cisco and Wells. Whenever these characters are paired up they have my undivided attention. Thankfully the show knows that these pairings work, so they happen quite often. Barry has a great arc this season as he continues balancing his private life with his crime fighting life. He may make some questionable choices along the way, but he is only human. He is bound to make mistakes and it will be interesting to see how those mistakes effect him in the third season. Another character that had some great material is Cisco. While the show could have done a better job explaining the extent of his newfound powers, it did allow Cisco to have some dramatic material to accompany his role as the comedic relief. The main villain this season is Zoom and while he was intimidating earlier in the season, he was never quite as fleshed out as The Reverse Flash in season 1. As the season went on and his plan was revealed I realized that the show was echoing much of what Reverse Flash was hoping to achieve. The main different this time is that there was not as much characterization for Zoom as there was for Reverse Flash. Nonetheless I enjoyed him as a villain, and hopefully the show finds a way to return to this character (with a show that has time travel, anything is possible). I also want to make a quick shoutout to the “Runaway Dinosaur” episode. It was an odd episode, but I loved it. It allowed for Grant Gustin to give a powerful performance as Barry Allen and even did a good job of explaining the speed force (even though I am still riddled with questions).
You Know What They Say, Live Fast, Die Young
Where did Patty go? This season introduced a great character in the form of Patty, but then she was quickly written off the show. She and Barry had a great dynamic, and her departure was all too abrupt. I hope she would pop back in the next season, but something tells me this is the last we have ever seen of her. I pride this show on handling the characters fairly well, but along with Patty the show made some missteps with Caitlin Snow and Wally West. Caitlin is just never given much to do. She always seems to be something of a damsel. It is a shame since her character has a lot of potential, but the show seems to throw her aside for the most part. As far as Wally West, I never quite liked his character. He always seemed to make the wrong choices and his incorporation into the show seemed a little forced. The show never knew exactly what to do with him, but there is potential for the third season to flesh him out.
Closing Remarks
Even with some missteps, I enjoyed this season of The Flash. Some characters were not given much development, but those who did were given some great material to work with. Without spoiling the finale, all I can say is the third season is already showing a lot of promise. Hopefully it lives up to its potential.


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