Fury Review

I would say that this is one of the better war films since Saving Private Ryan. In some ways, I like this film more than Saving Private Ryan just because it offers a different perspective on war. This is a film that had a very sound plot, but a somewhat disappointing third act.
War, War Never Changes
First of all, the performances are great. Everyone handled their characters very well, but the standout for me is Brad Pitt. He is a very different Sergeant than previously depicted on the big screen. He can be cruel, but cares for his crew. He clearly does not want to be involved with the war, but is willing to die for his country. He is a very complex character, who is a refreshing departure from previous portrayals of sergeants. Brad Pitt really brought life to this character, and should have some sort of nomination for his chilling performance. As far as the characters, I thought mostly all of them had layers. The two characters that I thought were fairly one sided were Shia LaBeouf and Michael Peña’s characters. Both of the actors did well with the roles that were given to them, but I wish their roles had a bit more substance. I loved the use of Logan Lerman’s character, because I felt like I could relate. (Mild Spoilers Ahead). I do not think I would initially be capable to kill anyone, so I would have my own reservations (just as he did) towards killing the enemy. I particularly liked Wardaddy’s (Brad Pitt) response to Norman’s (Logan Lerman) refusal to kill.
Saving Norman Ellison
It is very easy to compare this film to Saving Private Ryan, and aside from the basic premise, there are quite a few similarities. I would say the third act of the film is really where the two films become very similar. It is also where I began to lose interest in the film. I thought the first two acts were very grounded, but the last part just became a very typical war film set up. Still though, while it may have taken the film down a notch, it is still a great film.
Closing Remarks
Overall, Fury is a great war film. There are elements that match and exceed Saving Private Ryan, but overall I think it is a bit worse. The plot is solid, the acting is great throughout, and the characters are mostly compelling. Check this one out.


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