Mad Max: Fury Road Review

Wow, just wow. This movie is truly breathless. Now, it does not have a well crafted story, but it does not need it. The action in this film is absolutely incredible. The characters are very engaging, and the score is fantastic. Mad Max: Fury Road is a non stop action ride, that shows how Hollywood should handle it’s action films.
My Name Is Max
I usually like to focus on the positives before the negatives, but I’d like to get some of the things I did not like out of the way. First of all, some of the writing and acting felt off. The film itself is so over the top that it is expected for the acting to be a bit over the top, but it was a bit inconsistent. Sometimes a performance felt subdued, and sometimes it felt a bit too “staged”. That is really about it. It was not something that detracted from the overall quality of the film, but it is something that I noticed and it took me out a bit. As far as what I liked, there is much to chose from. First of all, the performances. While I did have some problems with several performances, I really enjoyed both Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in their roles. Theron plays Imperator Furiosa, who is a very strong and courageous character. She goes to extreme lengths in the film, and really becomes a character the audience can rally behind. Hardy does a great job as Max, but I cannot say he did a better job than Mel Gibson. It really is Gibson’s role, and Hardy brings his own flare to it which makes it more his own. Another major plus to the film is the score. I believe Junkie XL did the score for the film, and I was blown away. When the movie ended, all I wanted to do was go to YouTube and listen to the score over and over again. It was loud and bombastic, which perfectly complimented the action in the film. It was also surprisingly quiet and thoughtful when the plot needed it to be.
What A Lovely Day
Finally, let us talk about the real star of this film: the action. What impressed me the most is not the fact that all the car chases are practical, but the fact that it is not overwhelming. There is so much going on the screen, but I never found myself confused by the action. I knew exactly what is going on, and where all the characters were. That is not only a testament to the directing, but also the cinematography. Before I continue on with the action, the cinematography is gorgeous. The shots are very well done, very smooth, and expertly followed the action. There are action scenes throughout the entire film, and they never feel overdone. They are always expertly crafted, and you can tell that the cast and crew worked very hard to perfect it. These days it is very common for a film to replace practical effects with Computer Generated Images, but I feel like this film proves that the cinematic experience is enhanced when practical effects are used. The car chases feel much more intense and immersive. I would understand if someone did not like the film because of it’s style (although, I love the style) but I would not be as understanding about the action. It is so well done that I would not believe someone if they said they did not have a good time with this flick.
Closing Remarks
This is truly an impressive film. It may not have a compelling story to tell, but if you really examine it there is much to behold. The characters are great, the acting is mostly pretty good, and the action is astounding. If you are thinking of seeing a film this weekend, please see this. It deserves to be seen. Skip all the other films in theaters, and give every cent you can to this post apocalyptic thrill ride.


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