John Wick Review

There is one word that can perfectly describe this film: Fun. This is the most fun I have had in the theater in a long time. This film may not be a fantastic piece of cinema, but it is a fantastic action flick. I honestly had very low expectations going into this film, but it completely change my mind.
He’s Back
I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun at the movies. The pacing was very quick, the action was swift, and the camera work was effective. I am tired of camera’s using the “shaky cam” approach. I find it incredibly lazy filmmaking. This film follows the action, and keeps the shakiness to a minimum. The action in this film is called “gun-fu” (I’m told), and it was awesome. I love the fact that the protagonist is not some martial arts master. While he is skilled, he relies more on his skill with a gun than his skill with his fists. Other than the action being incredibly cool, so was the actual character of John Wick. He is a car enthusiast, remains fairly calm, has a cool beard, and wears nice suits. The film has created a character that is purely awesome. In fact, the world of John Wick is really cool. Enough of it has been established that I would not mind if they created a few sequels.
No Match For His Guns
The plot of the film is really where the film gets some points off. It is a fairly standard plot, which leaves me just a bit underwhelmed. I know it is an action film, but I do not think that is an excuse. There have been some great action films with great plots, so there is not reason why this film should get a free pass. While the plot may have been a bit “Meh”, one way the film surprised me was with its’ humor. This film was often really funny, and that only contributed to its’ fun atmosphere. The other small drawback to the film is the occasionally lackluster acting. Keanu Reeves has never been a great actor, but this is one of his better roles. With that said, there were still moments where his acting was fairly mediocre.
Closing Remarks
John Wick is a film that anyone can enjoy. It is by no means a masterpiece, but it has a great blend of action, heartbreak, and comedy. Of all the films that have been released this year (so far), this one has definitely been the most enjoyable.


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