Community Season 5 Review

I love Community. It is one of my favorite shows on television, and definitely one of the funniest. I think it’s a shame that every year there is a struggle for it’s renewal. Prior to Season 4, the creator (Dan Harmon) left the show. I thought Season 4 was alright, but it was not as good as previous seasons. Dan Harmon’s absence was very noticeable. With his return this season, the show felt like a breath of fresh air. I was very happy with the story-lines, and cannot wait until the next season.
The Overarching Story:
This season felt like a reboot for the show. It kept a similar tone, but the character relationships changed. Jeff became a teacher, Troy left Greendale, Pierce Passed away, and Professors Duncan and Hickey joined the study group. The main plot of the season was “Save Greendale”. It is what unified the characters, and it even paralleled the real life situation with Community’s renewal. I really enjoyed the storyline, and thought it had a satisfying conclusion.
The Characters:
This is where I had several problems with the season. Nothing too major, but something that I thought was laking. Jeff became a teacher, and the second episode of the season explored that aspect of his character. I absolutely loved the episode, and wanted more of that. I felt that it was a missed opportunity, but it was not a major disappointment. I thought Abed was given some great material to work with, and he definitely was the MVP of the season. However, Annie and Shirley did not have much to do. I hope they have a larger role in the next season (If NBC renews the show).
I do not have any critiques for the humor. I enjoyed all of it, and it was a pleasant reminder of how funny the show can be under the right supervision. The standouts for me are: Abed, Troy, Chang, and of course Dean Pelton. They were all absolutely hilarious, and are responsible for the bulk of the Community Gifs.
Final Remarks:
Community is a show that is very dear to me. I really hope NBC renews it for a sixth and, presumably, final season. While this season was not without it’s missteps, it got much more right than wrong. Six Seasons and a Movie!


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