Game of Thrones Season 4 Review

There has never been a bad episode of Game of Thrones. While an episode may not be as good as another, I have enjoyed all episodes. This season was no exception. I enjoyed every episode, but some were fantastic, and others were merely good. It is not bad to say that an episode is good, but with Game of Thrones, there is a certain expectation with the quality of episodes.
Winter Is Coming
It amazes me how the beginning of the season set up the later episodes. All of the arcs were completed by the end of the season, which left me very satisfied. My only real gripe with the season is that a few episodes felt a bit rushed. I would have preferred if the episodes were longer so they could have spent more time refining some scenes. The pacing of those select episodes did take the season down a notch for me. That being said, the show is still excellent and one of the best shows on television. Each episode had at least one standout moment, and many episodes offered considerable tension. Specifically, episodes 2, 8 ,9 , and 10 come to mind. I thought the season had fantastic buildup, and the payoff was incredibly satisfying. The season ends in a manner where I could not really predict where the characters will go from here. The finale did an excellent job wrapping up the ongoing story lines of the season, while masterfully setting up season 5. The finale is a particular episode that felt like it had too much on its plate. As a result, it was not the episode I wanted it to be. It was still very good, but with some more time, it could have been spectacular.
The Characters of the Seven Kingdoms
Aside from the engaging plot, my favorite aspect of this season was path that the characters were led. Every character experienced significant growth this season, with some more than others. It is truly remarkable to look back and compare the characters from when they are first introduced, to now. I also enjoyed the pairing of characters. I like how certain pairs may not seem like a good choice, but they end up being perfect. My favorite pair of the season was Arya and The Hound, who both experienced some great development. I love how even the most despicable characters are not black and white. Every characters is more complex than they may appear, and the show handles them very well.
Final Remarks
While I do not think this was my favorite season, it was still fantastic. Despite some pacing issues, the story lines are as engaging as ever, the characters are continually evolving, and I am very excited for the next season. April really cannot come sooner.


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