Legend of Korra Book 3 Review (Spoilers!!!!!)

A few weeks late, but here’s my review of Book 3. First of all, I am a huge fan of the Last Airbender series. It had beautiful animation, compelling characters, and a fantastic plot. I feel the same about The Legend of Korra. However, for some reason it did not resonate as much with me as the previous series. With that said, this season of Korra was fantastic. I think it is a definite improvement from the first two, which were still really good. There were some great battles, breathtaking animation, and intense villains.
A Breath of Fresh Air
The second season ended with much change happening to the world. This season wastes no time in addressing this change, with some very interesting twists. I appreciate that the premiere focused on the consequences of the harmonic convergence. It was also very interesting to see how opening both portals also resulted in a new breed of airbenders. This season really dove into the training of an airbender, and I found it particularly interesting. It introduced a new dynamic between Tenzin and Bumi, as well as some interesting new characters. Such as Kai, who became more interesting as the season progressed. He has proved himself as a capable airbender, and I look forward to his role in the next book. The plot revolved around “Team Avatar” building the new air nation, while being hunted down by “The Red Lotus” (More on them later). I do want to mention that I do not know where the show will go from here. I just want the next season to be a continuation of this season. I do not want the season to start, and everything is back to normal.
Venom of the Red Lotus
One of the strongest elements of this season was the use of its villains. While the first two seasons focused on a single villain (season 2 kind of had two villains), this season had 4 villains, with fantastic abilities. However, the one worth mentioning is Zaheer. He was truly an intense villain, with a great motivation. He proved to be quite a challenge for Korra and company, and even brought her to her lowest point. That’s what really made the finale so great. It seemed like the heroes would walk into the sunset, but in the end, Zaheer had a lasting effect. I am really interested in the extent of Zaheers poison on Korra. I am really hoping it plays into the next season.
Closing Remarks
Overall, this was a great season of Korra. It had great villains, great battles, great new characters, and interesting plot, and some beautiful animation. Not to mention some substantial character development. This season really delivered, and I cannot wait until the next one.


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