Interstellar Review

This film was one of my most anticipated for the year. I love Christopher Nolan, and while I do no think he is a perfect director, he never fails to create an enjoyable piece of cinema. I decided to watch only the first trailer, and nothing more. I did not want to know too much going in, and now that I have seen it I am glad that I avoided trailers. I was able to be fully immersed into this world that Nolan has created. While the film is not without mistakes, it was a fantastic experience.
Mankind Was Born On Earth…
I was disappointed to read all the negative reviews of the film before I saw it. I thought that Nolan might have finally made a bad film, but my experience differs from most a number of critics’ opinions. Sure, there are plot holes, unnecessary characters, and the film may be a bit too long, but what an experience it was. I saw it in IMAX, and it felt like I was there with the characters. Before I dive into the film, I want to make one point perfectly clear. I could not review this film after one screening. I saw Interstellar twice to formulate a better critique, which I think is the only way anyone could approach this film. Starting off with the characters, the only one that stands out from the rest is Matthew McConaughey. His character is given the most attention, and ends up being the most complex. He has a powerful love for his family, but spends his time reminiscing about his time as a pilot. When he is given the opportunity to live his dream, he makes a great choice, resulting in a great promise. McConaughey’s Cooper is not the most original character, but he makes for a likable lead. The rest of the characters are mostly fine, but not as complex as Cooper. However the three characters that I was not a huge fan of are Murph, Tom, and Amelia. First of all, there is no need for Tom. Casey Affleck is completely wasted, and added absolutely nothing to the film. Amelia (played by Anne Hathaway) is presented as an intellectual scientist, but makes many dumb calls. Finally, Murph is just an unlikable character. Not completely unlikable, but she proves to be incredibly stubborn. The film sets up a likable character in her youth, but as she grows up she becomes more of a flat character.
…It Was Never Meant to Die Here
While there are some good aspects to the characters, there are also enough bad aspects. The same applies to the plot. I do not want to get into specifics, but the film relies too heavily on plot conveniences. Also, I was disappointed to figure out the twists in the film. I still like the twists, but I wish the film was able to conceal them a bit more. However, the plot did remain engaging throughout, and provided many gut-wrenching scenes. Now we get to the meat of the film: The visuals. This film is gorgeous. I know that Nolan wanted to use more practical effects, and I think the film benefited greatly from this decision. I was constantly in awe with the spectacle of this film, and I hope Nolan releases some behind the scenes footage to show how some scenes were possible. Hans Zimmers’ score accompanies the breathtaking visuals, and I thought it was really good. Not his best work, but definitely served as a good compliment to the film. This is why the film is elevated from something that is simply good, to something truly memorable. The visuals, the music, and the emotion all come together to make a lasting impression.
Closing Remarks
This is not Christopher Nolan’s best work, but it is a good film that I will always remember. I know that I will never experience the film as I did in IMAX, but I will always look back and marvel at it. Do not listen to what the critics have to say. Go see it for yourself, and make your own opinions. Interstellar may not have matched my expectations with its’ narrative and characters, but it absolutely exceeded them with unforgettable visuals and a good score to match.


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