Foxcatcher Review (Mild Spoilers!!)

I am a pretty big fan of director Bennett Miller. The only other film of his that I have seen is Moneyball, but I really want to see Capote. I think he is a director that is able to tackle tough subjects very effectively, as well as, get the most out of his actors. This film handles its’ touch subject very well, and it is full of fantastic performances, which results in one of the years’ finest films.
Coach is the father. Coach is a mentor. Coach has great power on athlete’s life
This film really uses Steve Carrell as the selling point. He has not been in a “full on drama” yet, so I imagine most of the public is wondering how he would do. Many people say his performance was spectacular, I say it is good. Honestly, I think people are just lost in Carrell’s prosthetics. He played the part well, but he never really had me on the edge of my seat, or feel like I was watching someone other than Steve Carrell. He creeped me out, which was very effective, but he failed to do more than that. Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum star alongside him, and they are both remarkable. Ruffalo always plays the same kind of character, but this films allows him to extend his acting abilities. I love the physicality he brought to the role too. The way he carried himself really made him seem like a convincible wrestler. But, of all three actors, Channing Tatum really stood out for me. He is an incredibly broken character, and the film makes that clear in the first 10 minutes. Many people complain that there is not enough emotion in the film, but that is because you really have to watch Tatum’s performance very closely. His facial expressions, the way he walks, and the way he speaks all attribute to his phenomenal performance. I wish he got more attention than Carrel, but I am sure he will keep pursuing fantastic roles such as this one. Other than the performances, I thought the film was very interesting, tense, and very well made. However, when people look back on this film, they will only remember the performances.
I want to go to World’s and win gold
This film suffers from a few problems, most notably the pacing and the last 15 or so minutes. The pacing is fairly slow, which did not bother me too much, but there were a few times that scenes could have been cut short. I know this is not an action film, but some more excitement would have greatly benefited the film. Then the last 15 minutes of the film arrive where some major stuff happens. Unfortunately, the film skips the emotional fallout and then suddenly ends. I would have preferred to see a bit more before the film decided to be finished. I liked the very last shot, but and extra 10 minutes in between the films’ climax and the final shot would have made for a more well rounded experience. Another minor complaint is that the story (at times) felt familiar. I do not know the actual story behind the film, but I felt like I have seen parts of this film in other films before.
Closing Remarks
Foxcatcher is truly a fine film, but it is not without its’ problems. The acting and intensity are definite highlights, but the pacing and finale bring the film down. I do not think Carrell deserves the nomination over Tatum, but I am glad to see this film getting some recognition.


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