Community Season 6 Review

I honestly cannot believe how this show is still on the air (technically now on the web). It is definitely one of my favorite comedies, and it is impressive how fresh it has remained after 6 seasons. Even though season 4 was not up to the standards associated with this show, it was not bad either. However, this season faced the greatest obstacles of them all. Not only did they depart from NBC, but they lost a few key cast members. I remained hopeful that the show would still retain it’s quality, and I am happy to report that it most definitely did.
I Now Pronounce You A Community
I want to start off with the negatives of the season first because there really were not too many of them. First of all, some episodes did not hit as hard as others. By this I mean that they were not as funny nor as interesting. However, of all 13 episodes maybe 2 or 3 of them were not up to par. The rest of them were pretty great. Another complaint is the fact that the absence of Troy and Shirley really effected early episodes. I should not mark down the show for this because it was out of their hands, but it is something that brought down those early episodes. Paget Brewster as Frankie did not always work for me. She had her moments, but I fee like the show never really figured out what to do with her. Not only that but there is an arc to her character that is never fully explored. Brewster is not the only new addition to the cast, Keith David also arrives as Elroy. I have to commend the writers because I was not a fan of him at first. I thought he only served as a replacement for Troy or Pierce, but he quickly became his own character. I do not know about the future of the show (more on that later) but I do hope Keith David returns. He wound up being one of my favorite characters towards the latter half of the season.
6 Seasons And A Movie
Something I am going to start doing in my TV reviews is mention my favorite episode of the season. It feels like a no-brainer to say the paintball episode (episode 11) is my favorite, but it is actually the finale (episode 13). I thought the paintball episode was fantastic, and had some great action and comedy, but the finale brought an extra dose of emotion. Throughout the season Jeff has been worried about his friends leaving Greendale and moving on with their lives, this is brought front and center in the finale, and it worked well for some comedic moments as well as some emotional ones. I do not know what the future holds for the show, but I want to thank each and every member of the cast and crew for their work on this show. Nowadays I find myself lacking a comedy in the collection of show I watch. This is where I turn to Community, and it is more than enough. This season proved that this show will find a way to retain it’s appeal. The entire cast and crew did a great job with the season, so now I am hoping there will be a movie. Every Community fan knows the saying “Six seasons and a movie”. This was once a throwaway line by Abed, but it quickly became the standard for the show’s life expectancy. The finale served a perfect series finale, so I am hoping that the cast and crew reunite one last time on the big screen. Hopefully some of the older cast members return as well. I do not know how likely this is, but I really hope it happens.
Closing Remarks
For those of you who have never watched an episode of Community, it is never too late to start. It is a show that has great characters, great writing, and an insane amount of originality. I really could not think of another show that is like it. It is one of a kind. Again, I am uncertain about the future of the show, but I hope this is not the last time we have seen Greendale. If it is, then I will always remember the joy these 6 seasons have brought me.


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