Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Review

Another year, and another season of this show ends. Orange Is The New Black was never among my favorite Netflix shows. The first season came close, but I was not enamored with the second season. I still liked it, but something about it did not quite resonate with me. Now with the third season, this show is among my favorites. Not only is it much better than the second season, but I like it even more than the first.
I’m Like A Bloodhound For Oblivion
This season did not have much that I did not like, so first I’ll talk about the negatives. First of all, certain character underwent an abrupt change in character that I did not like. It did create an interesting dynamic afterwards, but it just felt like such an unusual change. Another problem I had with the season is that I did not like how certain characters left the show. Their fates are undetermined, but I am really hoping for a bit more closure next season. Other than that, I did not have any more problems with the season. As far as what I liked about it, just like the previous season, this show is more of an ensemble piece. Piper is still not the main character, and I believe this is something that the show truly benefits from. Before this season Piper was the least interesting character on the show, but this season she actually became more interesting. I cannot say how due to spoilers, but the show delved into who she is which provided some interesting moments. As far as the rest of the cast, I was very happy to see the flashbacks including a new batch of characters. This is where the show shines, when you can learn about the characters through their past, and in turn they become a more interesting character. Most of the characters had a compelling arc for the season, which makes me really excited to see where they are in season 4. The interesting part of the finale is that it ends with uncertainty. All of the inmates are left in a place where I do not know what next season will hold for them. I personally really like the cliffhanger approach. I am much more excited about next season than I ever was for the third season, and that is due in part because of the various cliffhangers. I also really enjoyed seeing more of the guards included in the narrative. While they used to be looked as more of the antagonists, this season they were considered more of protagonists. The real antagonists of the season became the money hungry corporation that “saved” the prison.
We All Think We’re Good Guys
As far as the characters I enjoyed the most this season, they would have to be: Pennsatucky, Caputo, Big Boo, Chang, Gloria, and Soso. The reason is because I never cared much for these characters, but due to some great scenes, and some great flashbacks, I really sympathized with them. The big one is Caputo. Most of the men on the show are not the best of people, but Caputo proved himself to be a genuinely good person this season. He constantly wants to do the right thing, even though it means that he will be in trouble. I certainly hope the show continues to focus on him as much as it did this season. The rest of the people I mentioned are mentioned mainly because I found their arcs to be powerful, and their flashbacks helped me understand their characters much more. Lastly, I would like to list my top 3 favorite episodes: Season 3 Episode 3, Season 3 Episode 6, and Season 3 Episode 11. I also need to mention that I did really enjoy the finale, but what set these episodes apart is the fact that they provided some really dramatic moments, and worked well to develop the characters. Out of these episodes, the standout for me was episode 11. It dealt a lot with Caputo and his mindset, which made me care for this character much more than before.
Closing Remarks
Going into this season, I was not very excited. Sure, the last two seasons were both good, but I never thought “wow, this truly is fantastic”. That changed with this season. I really enjoyed it, and it solidified itself as one of the best shows on television (even though it is on Netflix). One year is a long time to wait for the next season, but I am sure it will be well worth the wait.


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