Hannibal Season 3 Review

Well, that was it. After 3 fantastic seasons, it is finally over. When I first heard that this would be Hannibal‘s final season, I was pretty upset. However, after the last episode, I would be okay if the show never gets picked up for another season or for a movie. I thought the series ended perfectly, but even so, it left me feeling bittersweet.
I Want You To Know Exactly Where I Am
There are not many negatives to this season, so I want to get them out of the way before I gush over how much I enjoyed this season. First of all, the first couple of episodes were certainly slow. They were not bad by any means, but they did feel relatively uneventful. This is also something very nit-picky, but the first couple of episodes were also too darkly lit. I had a hard time figuring out what was going on screen. Also, a good chunk of the season was very confusing (even by Hannibal‘s standards). However, those are my only complaints, and quite frankly some of them were fixed by the end of the season. As far as what the season was able to achieve, it had much to offer. First of all, the show’s visual style once again proved that this is the most beautiful show on television. Not only is the show expertly shot, but it also has great effects that really bring out the beauty in its’ visual style. I particularly loved the effects used to show Francis Dolarhyde as The Great Red Dragon. Other than the visual style, this season also had a compelling story to tell, which was brought to life through the actors. Every single actor and actress on the show was excellent. There were absolutely no weak links in the cast, but several cast members certainly stuck out. The highlights of the season are: Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Caroline Dhavernas, and Richard Armitage. I never was a big fan of Caroline Dhavernas’s Alana Bloom, but this season really made her into a much more interesting character. After Hannibal left her to die in the second season’s finale, she has become a much darker character. She finally sees Hannibal for the monster he is, and will do anything to bring him down. I loved the intensity that Dhavernas brought to the role this time around, and she definitely became one of my favorite characters after this season. This season introduced several new characters, but none of them were as compelling as Richard Armitage’s Francis Dolarhyde. What I love about this character is that he is a despicable man, but he is also misunderstood and often times vulnerable. Armitage made this character more than a murdering psychopath, he made the audience sympathize with him. I mentioned how Caroline Dhavernas brought intensity to her role, but Richard Armitage brought even more to his. He does not even utter a word until his second episode. He relied on his facial expressions and movements, which were enough to let the audience understand just who this character is.
This Is All I Ever Wanted For You, Will. For Both Of Us.
Now I need to focus on both Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal and Hugh Dancy as Will. I am sure they will not be nominated for an Emmy or a Golden Globe, but no one deserves the nomination more than them. They were both excellent this season, as the story focused far more on their relationship. Not just their relationship as friends, but how the two of them need each other. It may sound strange, but one cannot survive without the other. Will needs Hannibal, and Hannibal needs Will. The finale in particular showed just how reliant they are on each other. This whole show has been about building up the relationship between Will and Hannibal. They both started off missing something from their lives, but ended up filling in that spot in each other (even though it may not be in the way that they expected). Mikkelsen and Dancy had the incredibly difficult task of showing affection for one another, while also aversion. Even though they realize how dependent they are on one another, they constantly try killing each other. Both of the actors were able to perfectly display these complicated emotions. Not only that, but they were also able to blur the lines between acting and reality. The two of them were so convincing in their roles that I saw them as people rather than characters. Since this may be my last review for this show, I also need to acknowledge how fantastically written this show is, and just how unique the music is as well. Finally, I need to mention my favorite 3 episodes from the season. While I found every episode to be anywhere from good to fantastic, the three that shined were: Secondo (3.2), Digestivo (3.7), and The Wrath of the Lamb (3.13). These three episodes did a great job developing the characters, as well as, providing some of the show’s most memorable moments.
Closing Remarks
It is with a heavy heart that I wrap up the review for this season, but what a great season it was. Season 2 will always remain my favorite, but this one was not far off. The show may be cancelled (for now), but that does not mean that it should be forgotten. If you have never seen this show I urge you check it out. Sure, it may be overly grotesque, and the visual style may not resonate with everyone, but this show is and always has been exceptionally beautiful. So long Hannibal, but even though you ended, I will be back for seconds.


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