The Leftover Season 2 Review

Last year HBO’s The Leftovers almost made the top of “My Favorite TV Shows of 2014” and this year it may just be number 1. This season was absolutely spectacular. Every episode had some sort of moment that really stood out, and a handful of episodes will go down in history as some of television’s finest. There were only a few missteps in this near-perfect season of The Leftovers.
There Are No Miracles In Miracle
With so many memorable moments to get through, I want to focus on really the only negative I have with the season. Certain characters like Tommy, Meg, Nora, Jill, or even Laurie did not get enough screen time. This season decided to have each episode focus more on a singular character instead of interweaving a handful of character’s plots within a single episode. This is perfectly fine, and worked out well, it just meant that certain characters would be left on the side. That is not to say that these characters did not have compelling material to work with, I just felt like there should have been some more. Each of these actors even had an episode devoted to them (except for Jill), and those episodes did a phenomenal job developing their characters, I only wish they had more to do in the other episodes that did not focus on them. Other than that one negative (which is not even much of a negative) this season really impressed me. I need to talk about Kevin who went on such an amazing journey this season. He was given some great material, and his episodes were definitely my favorites. I liked him a lot in the first season, but there was so much more complexion to his character this time around. I absolutely cannot wait to see where the show takes his character in the third (and sadly final) season. Another standout is newcomer John Murphy. His character was also given a lot of screen time, and rightfully so. After the first episode of the season I felt like he is someone I have known for a while. The show did a great job establishing his character and making the audience sympathize with him, while also despising him at various moments. Same as last year, the music by Max Richter is breathtaking. There are not many television soundtracks that I listen to, but his I listen to all the time. The best way to describe it is beautiful, which also accommodates the cinematography very well. This show is just a joy to watch because of how well it is shot. I often find myself pausing and staring at the shots because they are so well crafted. Every episode has me in awe at how gorgeous every frame is. It really puts some other television shows and movies to shame.
I Don’t Understand What’s Happening
Before moving on to my top three episodes of the season, I do want to discuss the overall plot of the season. I found the plot to be absolutely compelling, mainly because of the characters. Without them being as developed as they are, the plot would not work. The characters, along with their respective actors, breathe life into the plot and guide the viewer along with it. Now, as far as my top three episodes, they are: Axis Mundi (season 2 episode 1), International Assassin (season 2 episode 8), and I Live Here Now (season 2 episode 10). The first episode is so powerful because it introduces the audience to a completely new cast of characters and makes them compelling in a very short amount of time. It set up the season very well, and provided some memorable moments. International Assassin may go down as the most polarizing episode of the show (we will see what the third season has in store). I was mesmerized at the use of visual storytelling, along with some great use of music. It was Justin Theroux at his finest as Kevin Garvey, and I sincerely wish he wins an Emmy for his performance. Finally, I Live Here Now is just a fantastic finale. Once again, it had remarkable visual storytelling, along with a great selection of music. Each character had a memorable moments, and when it ended I wanted more.
Closing Remarks
I have said why I love this season, but I want to end with why everyone should watch this show. Simply put, it is one of the best shows ever aired on television. There is so much care put into every single character and every single episode. Not only that, but there is not one character that I feel like is poorly done. This show is masterful, and it upsets me that so few people are watching it. Do yourself a favor and start watching the show. It will be the best decision you have made in a long time.


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