Spotlight Review

The point of a trailer for a film is to entice audience to go and see that film. When I saw the trailer for Spotlight I thought that it would be a bland journalistic film, and boy was I wrong. While it may not be a perfect film, it certainly comes close and ranks as one of the finest films of 2015.
Everybody’s Gonna Be Interested In This
In many ways this film is similar to The Big Short. It deals with historic events, and how a small group of people sought to expose some sort of controversy. Both films also have stellar casts and sharp writing, but Spotlight also has interesting cinematography and consistent pacing. It truly feels like a complete package with a single vision. The point of the film is to inform the audience on the scandal involving child molestation and Catholic priests in Boston. The film does its job well because I had no prior knowledge, and it breaks the information down extremely well. The film focuses on this scandal from start to finish; not one second is wasted. I appreciate this because that is the director stating “This is what the film is about”. The build up is handled incredibly well, along with the climax and resolution. I was not sure how they would end the film, but they did so in an effective manor. The film is mainly about the plot rather than the characters, but that does not mean the characters are shortchanged. I was impressed how the film did not focus too much on the character’s private lives. However, through small glimpses or small bits of dialogue, the audience is informed of the character’s status in their private lives. The cast that brings these characters to life is absolutely phenomenal. I cannot single out a character because they are all so great. Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, John Slattery, Brian d’Archy James, and Stanley Tucci all impressed me. The biggest compliment I can give these actors is that I did not view them as actors. They all gave such realistic performances that all I saw were he characters they were portraying. As far as the year goes, this has to be the best ensemble. One other aspect of the film that I really appreciated was the journalistic aspect. It felt very realistic. The story did not take a week to break, it took them months and months before they even had enough information to consider writing a story. The film shows just how difficult it can be to discover the truth, but it also shows why it is important to share the truth with others.
I Want To Keep Digging
I only have a few problems with the film, and it mainly lies with its style. I do feel like the film follows a certain formula and feels devoid of any sense of style. It does not feel unique in the slightest. This is not a major problem at all because it excels with the material it presents. Perhaps it is even done this way because the focus is supposed to be on the narrative. Either way I would prefer a film that does not have an inherent style over a film that is all style and no substance.
Closing Remarks
This is a very important film for audiences to view. Not only does it present a crucial piece of history, but it does so in a very effective and passionate manner. It is clear to me that the cast and crew involved wanted to make this film because they felt like the content should be shared with audience. It in no way feels like an “Oscar-Bait” film, rather it is a film that seeks to inform and does so brilliantly.


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