Zootopia Review

Zootopia is an animated children’s film about anthropomorphic animals and the society that they have created. This film will almost certainly appeal to most children, but what surprised me is just how deep this film is for the older audiences. There is a surprising amount of heart and fantastic comedy that makes Zootopia an unforgettable animated film.
You Bunnies, So Emotional.
There is plenty to talk about that the film got right, but I first want to focus on several missteps. For example, nothing in this film truly surprised me. Everything played out as I expected it would, but that is not to say that the film is completely straightforward. It does lay out some twists and turns, but it does so too frequently. For example, the film may be going in one direction, then they throw in a twist, another twist, and the film continues going in that very same direction. The twists did not add too much to the film, but I suppose they were a welcome addition rather than keeping the narrative too straightforward. Other than that, I did not have any problems with the film. So, while discussing the narrative, I need to praise the film for its message. Underneath it all, this is a film that seeks to deconstructs stereotypes and prejudice. It does so in such a clever way that the message remained subtle enough so it does not feel like the film is shoving it down the audience’s throats. I was especially pleased with how the film handled its message especially because it was part of the narrative. The message does not feel tacked on, instead there is meaning behind it which is applicable both in the film and in real life.
It’s Called A Hustle, Sweetheart.
Another aspect of the film that surprised me is the relationship between Nick and Judy. I assumed that the two would start off on the wrong foot and eventually form some sort of friendship, but the film does so in such an organic and realistic way that their bond felt pure. I immediately bought into their friendship because it had a nice progression to it, and the writers found some clever ways to tie the two characters together. The voice acting should also be commended because Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin both did a fantastic job breathing life into their animated counterparts. In fact these characters (and their respective actors) have such tremendous chemistry that I eagerly await the announcement of a sequel. In fact one of my first thoughts after the film finished is that they need to make a sequel, so hopefully that happens (I am sure it will. The film killed it in the box office). Finally, the animation is simply breathtaking. It is bright, vivid, and colorful. The animated models are cartoony, yet utterly realistic with all the details that the crew put behind them.
Closing Remarks
There is not much more I can say about this film. It is not only a brilliant family film, but it is a great film in general. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and will definitely see the sequel if/when it is released.


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