The Nice Guys Review

Once in a while it truly is refreshing to watch an original film. I love going to theaters to watch my big blockbusters like Captain America: Civil War, but nothing can give me as much joy as watching a film that amazes with good old fashioned storytelling.
Dad, There Are Whores Here N’Stuff
Being a fan of film I have heard how without a strong script you cannot have a good film. This is a film that has a very strong script which is the root of the films’ success. It is a script that subverts expectations at every turn and transforms a simple premise into something that is actually quite complex. There is a great blend of comedy and drama, which definitely relies more on comedy but both still work remarkably well. The source of most of the comedy is the writing that surrounds both Ryan Gosling’s Holland March and Russell Crowe’s Jackson Healy. Both characters are funny on their own, but when the film pairs them together it creates comedy gold. Holland March is a major screw up who is also someone that struggles with alcoholism. Jackson Healy is more of the straight man who does a good job being a detective. I love how the film brings these characters together and every time they interacted on screen I found myself laughing out loud. I had a feeling the comedy in this film would be great (and as I said, it was) but I was not aware of the drama involved. Holland March (Gosling) may be someone easy to laugh at, but he has gone through some unfortunate events in his past. I will refrain from spoiling anything, but the backstory that the film provides for him justify’s the man he has become. I should note that the film never explicitly explains his past, but there are enough clues to fill in the past by yourself. The rest of the cast of characters are also quite good, but the one that stands out is Matt Bomer as John Boy. He had an over the top quality to his villainous character that compliments the films’ tone remarkably well.
Look On The Bright Side. Nobody Got Hurt.
Sticking with the script, one aspect of the film that worried me was the actual detective plot. March and Healy are trying to find this girl Amelia, but along their investigation they stumble upon a larger plot. This was handled very well and even surprised me a couple of times. What was not handled quite as well was the beginning, along with the ending. The film just starts without any context. As the story progresses the beginning is explained, but it still felt odd. Along with an odd beginning, I was not a fan of the ending at all which really disappointed me. What I loved about the film was how unconventional it was, but the ending itself felt like an afterthought. Again, I do not want to spoil anything but it felt unearned. Maybe if the film had an extra scene it would have felt more natural, but what ever the case may be, it did not work for me at all.
Closing Remarks
I do not have too much to say about this film because it excels at what it does. Simply put: this is a tightly scripted, fun, “buddy cop” detective film. Sure The Nice Guys has some problems, namely with the way it begins and ends. However, thanks to some strong acting from Gosling and Crowe along with great direction from Shane Black, the end product is a worthwhile film that mostly anyone can enjoy.


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