Top 12 Anticipated Films of 2017


While I finish watching a couple of films that I have missed from 2016 (Before I can finalize my top 10 list of 2016) I figured it was time to look ahead and see what 2017 has in store. By all means this is going to be a fantastic year. Whether or not it is disappointing remains to be seen, but there is such an impressive lineup ahead that I could not make a mere top 10 list. I extended it to 12 while still keeping a couple of flicks off the list. Without further ado here are my (personal) top 12 anticipated films of 2017.
12. Wonder Woman
This is surely much higher on most people lists, but there is one main reason why I cannot keep it quite as high on mine: Gal Gadot. I do not think she is a good actress. She did not impress me with her limited time in Batman V Superman, so as of right now I am fairly skeptical. With that said, I am rooting for her. I want her to own the role of Wonder Woman. Not only that, I want Wonder Woman to be a great film. So far the trailers have looked quite good.

Despite my problems with Gal Gadot, she is a ferocious Wonder Woman.

Despite my problems with Gal Gadot, she is a ferocious Wonder Woman.

The action seems well choreographed, the effects look spectacular, plus the film looks like it is going to be a bit smaller than some of the more recent DC films. This may give the film a chance to truly explore the characters within it. Patty Jenkins is the director and the only other film she directed was Monster back in 2004. It may seem like it has been a while, but from what I hear that was a great film so I hope she still has the capacity to work her magic.

11. Thor: Ragnarok
Say what you will about the first Thor film, I liked it a lot. The second one, not so much. Therefore, I am a little skeptical going into this third film. A trailer has not been released yet so my skepticism remains until I can look at some footage and make an assumption about the films’ quality. With that said, I have heard nothing but great things coming out of Comic-Con. Some very lucky fans were treated to concept art and a snippet of footage. All of the reactions are overwhelmingly positive so there is certainly cause to get excited. Another reason to get excited is the films’ director: Taika Waititi. I have not seen his latest film, but I have seen What We Do In The Shadows and I loved it. Can he handle a full on blockbuster? I am interested to find out, but I think he will be able to do a great job. Hopefully it will not take too long for a trailer to be released.
10. Baby Driver
I had to keep this on my list because it is directed by one of my favorite directors, Edgar Wright. I am sure most of you have not even heard of this film, but it is Edgar Wright’s latest and I believe it is completely original. Not too much is known about the film but it is about a getaway driver. There is also a fantastic cast that should get everyone to go and see this: Ansel Elgort, Lily James, Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal and even more. All of Edgar’s films thus far have impressed me so I have no reason not to look forward to this. I believe it comes out in August so there is quite a wait.
9. Justice League
This is probably much lower on my list than others, but here is why: There is not enough evidence that this film will be great. Most people seemed to hate Batman V Superman, I actually think it is a decent film. It does have problems, but there is enough in there that I thought was well done. Suicide Squad, on the other hand, is quite bad. I will not say it is garbage because there are some great moments, but not enough of them. Why should I be excited for a film directed by the same guy who made last year’s disappointing superhero film? The little teaser that they showed during Comic-Con did look good, but I still have my doubts. I want this film to be great but I am certainly going to keep my expectations in check this time around.
8. Spider-Man: Homecoming
I love Spider-Man and the only reason it is so far down my list is because there have been so many other Spider-Man films. They have also been quite good (mostly) so I have certainly had my fill of Spider-Man. This film has built my excitement through the promise of a high school film with Spider-Man.

He looks so much like Spider-Man/Peter Parker here.

He looks so much like Spider-Man/Peter Parker here.

Moviegoers got a little taste of Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. So far he seems like the perfect fit. He is the right age and has the right look along with a perfect attitude. Also how great is it that Michael Keaton is playing the Vulture? Simply fantastic. Vulture is not the only villain this time around either. The Shocker and the Tinkerer are also villains, but I hope the film treats them like side villains just like the comics or televisions shows have done in the past.
7. John Wick Chapter 2
This is a film that is coming up really quickly. I really enjoyed the first John Wick film. It has some of the best action of the past 10 years. I would even go as far as to say that it is one of the best action films I have ever seen. Keanu Reeves perfectly embodies the character of John Wick and I cannot wait to see what this next installment has in store for him. I am cautiously optimistic about this sequel. Yes, I am highly anticipating it, but I am not blind to the fact that many action sequels do not fare as well as the first installments. With that said, the trailers have really sold me on this. The action looks tense and the plot seems to be different than the first. Hopefully the film does not end up being a rehash.
6. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

A lot of people absolutely love the first Guardians of the Galaxy film. I really enjoy it but had some problems. I truly hope that this film makes me fall in love with the franchise, and something tells me that it will. The visuals look better than ever, the chemistry of between the cast looks fantastic, and the plot is being kept a secret.

Wow, just wow. Beautiful shot.

Wow, just wow. More of these please Mr. Gunn.

This last part excites me the most because I trust that director James Gunn will do something very different with the plot and he wants to surprise everyone when they go to see it for the first time. A problem I had with the first film is some of the acting, but based on the recent trailers the acting has improved. Of course that is only a small chunk of the film so I do not really know, but I believe that everyone has upped their game this time around.
5. Dunkirk

When I went to see Rogue One, my IMAX screening debuted several minutes of footage from Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The trailer already had me hooked on this film, but that preview was special. It showed an extended scene from the film that kept switching between three different groups of people. It seemed a little chaotic, but no it flowed exceptionally well. I was able to follow what was going on even though there was a lot being presented. That is no easy task, but Nolan and crew seemed to have pulled it off. Christopher Nolan is one of the finest directors working today and I love that path he is taking his career. He decided to move away from Sci-Fi spectacle and focus a little bit on something more historical and grounded. I appreciate that, especially since I do not know anything about the battle of Dunkirk. With a cast and crew as talented as this, I have no choice but to be excited for this film.
4. Star Wars Episode VIII
This one is going to shock people, but there is a major reason why it is so low on my list: There has not been a trailer for it yet. Do not get me wrong, I am so very excited for the next Star Wars film, but a trailer would make me so much more excited. Rian Johnson is taking over the directorial duties from JJ Abrams which makes me even more excited. Looper is one of my favorite films of all time, which is the film Johnson worked on before taking on this. I did not fall in love with The Force Awakens. I liked it but it felt too much like A New Hope. I know this was intentional, but this time around the people over at Disney and LucasFilms need to produce a film that is something different. There are plenty of great characters that Episode VII introduced, along with so many unanswered questions. I have a strong feeling that this will be an unforgettable film, but until I see a little bit of footage my anticipation will remain in check.
3. Logan
This is Hugh Jackman’s last time playing Wolverine, so he better make it count. Based on that first trailer, I think he did. I have to talk about that trailer before I move on: what a great trailer. It made me so emotional because it just tears down Wolverine unlike any other film has been able to do in the past. The music is perfect and the cinematography looked gorgeous.

A brutal last shot that promises a dark road for Logan.

A brutal last shot that promises a dark road ahead for Logan.

I even enjoyed The Wolverine, so I am glad James Mangold is back to direct Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for one last time. I do not really have any red flags about this film. The tone is appropriately dark and the cast of characters all fit within this tone. I am very curious about how the film will end. If I may speculate: I feel like it will end with Wolverine finally dying, leaving X23 to take on the mantle as Wolverine. It may seem like a sad ending, but after all that Wolverine/Logan has been through, he deserves to rest.
2. War for the Planet of the Apes
Yes, this is number two on my list. Why? Because this new Planet of the Apes franchise is fantastic. I still think the original film is the best, but these last two films come pretty close. This is yet another film on this list that may spell out doom for our main protagonist, this time being Caesar. It is funny how Caesar, a CGI Chimp has become such a more memorable character than so many other blockbuster characters. I do not know if that is impressive, or embarrassing. Regardless, I love what these films have done with him. I have no reason to believe that this film will not be good because the trailer is quite good and the same team that has worked on the past two is working on this one as well. My only real concern is that I do not want them to drag out this film. It would be nice to have a proper ending this time around. I like how Dawn of the Planet of the Apes had more of a cliffhanger ending, but I do not think this film needs it.  Focus on making a great end to the trilogy and if there is room to tell more stories, then so be it. Also, Woody Harrelson looks great as the human antagonist. I am glad to see him doing some more serious work after being in films like Now You See Me 2.
1. Blade Runner 2049
This is probably going to be the most shocking film on the list. Or perhaps not the film, rather the placement of the film. Let me explain my logic: Pretty much all other films on this list already have installments (if they are a franchise) that I quite enjoy. I saw Blade Runner for the first time about a year ago and while I did like it, I did not love it. It had a great visual style about it, along with some great scenes, but some of it did feel very outdated to me.

Such a breathtaking shot. Absolutely breathtaking.

Such a breathtaking shot. Hopefully this film gives Roger Deakins his Oscar.

When I heard that a sequel was in the works I was a bit interested, but then they started releasing details about the cast and crew. Director Dennis Villeneuve is going to direct this film. Every single film he has ever directed I have either really liked or loved. Some of the original writers from Blade Runner are coming back to write this film as well. Harrison Ford is back along with Ryan Gosling. Roger Deakins, one of the finest cinematographers of all time, is doing the cinematography of this film. Plus, Ridley Scott is producing. Then the trailer dropped and it looked so interesting. I have absolutely no reason to believe that I will not love this film, so that is why it is my most anticipated of the year. I believe in this cast and crew. I believe this will be a film that will be worthy of the legacy left behind by the original Blade Runner.


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