47 Meters Down Quick Review

If I were ever to have a short review, it would be for this film. There simply is not much to say about it. It is not a terrible film, but it is not that great either.
It’s like you’re going to the zoo, except you’re in the cage.
Shark films are notoriously bad. The only good shark film that I can think of is of course Jaws. Why does Jaws work as well as it does? Well, because they do not show the shark very often. They build up the tension and when they finally do show the shark, it scares everyone in the audience. Most shark films since then have decided to show the shark quite a bit, but this film has a healthy balance between the two. There are certain sequences where they refrain from showing the sharks, and those sequences proved to be fairly effective. When the sharks were shown they were somewhat scary. Sometimes they came across a bit silly, but they were mostly good. Most of the film is also set underwater, which is a nice change of pace. You certainly feel like the characters are in a dire situation, but it would help if you cared about the characters.
How deep are we?
Probably the biggest problem with this film is the two main characters. They are both so bland that it makes it hard for you to connect with them. Due to a lack of connection, you do not care what happens to them. That is a detriment to the film, because it wants you to care about their survival. The film itself is also pretty predictable, which is mainly due to the poor writing. Not so subtle hints are dropped within the dialogue which pretty much outlines what you could expect from the rest of the film. The film is also inconsistent with time within the film. The two sisters have limited air, which is great for dramatic purposes but the film does not follow any rules as far as how time passes.
Closing Remarks
There really is not much more to be said here. The film has an interesting premise with several solid thrills, but poor writing and unlikable characters ultimately make it a mediocre shark flick.


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