The Lego Movie Review

This is the best movie (so far) of 2014. I am very surprised it came out in February, but I am glad it did. I keep hearing about the horrible movies that have been released thus far in 2014, and it is refreshing to hear that a film is fantastic. The film has all the right pieces, and definitely meets the positive reactions. First of all, the plot is great and has a very positive message. There was never a dull moment, and had a great blend of action sequences, comedy, and heart. I did not think this film would be as emotional as it was, but I was pleasantly surprised. The voice acting was top notch, and carried the films’ energetic plot. I enjoyed all the different Legos included in the film, and it brought some necessary nostalgia. While I enjoyed all these aspects of the film, the animation is what made me love it. The animation is fantastic. Everything is CGI, but the animators made everything out of Legos, and made them move like Legos too. Out of all the films currently playing in the theaters, this one deserves the most attention. While it is still early in the year, the other animated features have their work cut out for them.



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