House of Cards Season 2 review

I love that Netflix releases all the seasons’ episodes at once. I cannot imagine waiting another week to view another episode of House of Cards. I loved the first season, but I thought it ended on a whimper. I thought this second season was still really good, but had several problems. First of all, the first episode was breathtaking. The show took a huge risk, and it payed off in a big way. The final line in the first episode was also chilling. I liked, for the most part, how the plot played out this season. The biggest drawback was that the show had a bit too much going on. There were several characters that were quickly thrown aside to make way for the main narrative. While I think this move was necessary, it could have been done better. I also worry about the direction that the show is heading. I think the show may have troubles improving over this season. The acting was fantastic all across the board. Everyone did a good job just as they did the previous season. The finale was fantastic. It was much better than season ones’ finale. While there is a year long break, I was satisfied from House of Cards’ second season. I am looking forward to see where the show goes from here.



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