Bates Motel Season 2 Review

When I began watching Bates Motel, I have not seen Psycho but the show made me want to. After seeing it, it quickly became one of my favorite films. It made me appreciate the first season even more, and I became very excited for the second. Now that the season is over, I can say that it is better than the first, but it suffers from several problems.
The Plot
I enjoyed the plot for the second season more than the first. I thought Dylan’s arc in the second season was very well done. Dylan’s showdown with Zane and Nick Ford was very interesting, and often tense. I especially liked how Nick Ford intertwined Nora, Dylan, and Norman’s individual plot lines. I felt like Nora’s plot lines were a bit lackluster. Her involvement with the city council, and Christine felt like they were added just to give her character something to do. They did not contribute to the “bigger picture”. Norman had very strong plot lines this season, which ultimately brought him closer to the Norman Bates in Psycho. I liked his interactions with Cody, Emma, and especially Officer Romero. I also enjoyed exploring Norman’s own psyche. I am very excited to see where the show takes the plot next. While this is not specifically plot, I do want to note that I think Bates Motel needs more style. They are pretty much a cut and dry drama. It would be nice if they added some more flair to the show.
Norma & Norman
This was the strongest part of the first season, and it is still the strongest aspect of the second. I think the relationship between Norma and Norman is so intriguing, so creepy, and ultimately very alluring. This season explored more of their relationship with one another, and it tied into Norman’s own psychological instability very well. I am looking forward to their relationship as the show moves into season three.
Final Thoughts
While this season was not perfect, it was very well done. There were several problems, most notably in the plot, but there was enough great material to offset the negativity. I did not even touch on the fantastic acting all across the board, but that is yet another positive to the show. Hopefully season three is even better than the second season, and continues to take the show into darker territories.


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