Arrow Season 2 Review

A year ago, the first season of Arrow concluded. I really enjoyed it, despite a rough start to the show. Last season’s finale left the show on a cliffhanger, and I was very excite to see where it would go. Now the second season has come and gone, I have to say it was fantastic. While it had several missteps, I enjoyed it quite a bit.
Overarching Conflict
While the first season dealt with Oliver battling Malcolm, this one dealt with Oliver versus Slade. It was a stronger conflict (even though the first one was great) that hit all the right notes. It was a tragic conflict, an intense conflict, and overall became a chess game between the two ex-friends. Manu Bennett did some great things as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, and I thought he added a considerable amount of malice to his character. He had a great arc throughout the season, and became quite the menacing opponent. I liked how Sebastian Blood worked into the plot, especially his relationship with Oliver. I think Isabel Rochev was a bit underutilized and the fate of her character was a bit abrupt, but she definitely had some great moments. Aside from the battle between Oliver and Slade, Oliver had his own arc that continued throughout the season. He was struggling with being “The Arrow”, along with his no kill promise. I enjoyed seeing him become a full fledged hero by the end of the season, and am very curious to see where he goes from there. I also would like to commend Stephen Amell for his exceptional work as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. He handled the drama very well this season, and I hope to see him in the Justice League (Wishful thinking).
Supporting Players
While Oliver Queen, and the main villains were mainly great, the supporting cast all had notable arcs. Diggle and Felicity really showed just how valuable they are to Team Arrow. They often had standout moments, and even had some good development as the season progressed. Thea and Moira also had great arcs. Thea’s arc took a sinister turn at the end, which make me very excited for her role in the third season. Moira had a sort of redemption arc throughout the season, and it ended in one of the most emotional scenes in the entire show. Detective Lance and Laurel had the weakest arcs, but they were still fairly good. Lance had changed since the first season, and his arc involved him becoming closer with The Arrow, and earning the respect of his peers. Laurel had an interesting, but frustrating arc. She began the season as an unlikable character, but ended on a much higher note. She struggled with an alcohol addiction, resentment for the death of Tommy, and even refusal for the survival of Sarah. She had many obstacles to overcome, but in doing so, she is possibly headed for a very interesting arc in the next season.
DC Universe Moments
This season, more so than the first, had many easter eggs from the DC Universe. Most of them excited me for the future of the show. The Suicide Squad was a great addition to the show, and made for a fun episode. Harley Quinn was briefly shown, but it was very cool to have an appearance. The League of Assassin’s made their debut on the show, along with Nyssa Al Ghul. They even mentioned Ra’s Al Ghul, which makes me hopeful for a future appearance. Finally, Barry Allen made a huge appearance on the show, in preparation for The Flash television show. He was great on the show, and I cannot wait until the two shows crossover in the future.
Closing Thoughts
I really enjoyed the sophomore season of Arrow. It was bigger, bolder, and makes Fall seem farther away than it really is. It had several bad character development, poor writing, and some weak “villains of the week”, but none of those negatives really took away from the show. Let’s hope the next season is as good, or even better than this fantastic season.


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