Godzilla Review

I have never been a huge Godzilla fanatic, but this reboot had my attention. It looked amazing, and had a solid cast. Sadly, I was not particularly taken by the film. I thought it was good fun, with some standout moments, but it ultimately did not live up to my expectations.
The Plot
Well, here is the biggest problem with the film. The plot is very clunky, with no notable subplots. There are really two scenes that warrant emotion, but the rest of the film lacks it. There are too many cheesy moments, and illogical plot threads. It really brought the film down a couple of notched for me, because it was being presented as a more realistic take on Godzilla. I thought there were some aspects of the plot, particularly those that explain the nature of the creatures, that were well done. Within the plot there are many human character you encounter, and most of them are caricatures. I found Bryan Cranston’s character very interesting, but he is not the main character. Aaron Johnson is the main character, and he is very bland. I did not care much for his character, which really hurt the human side of the story. All of the other human characters were either not given much to do, or were not very notable.
The Visuals and Sound
While the plot and character were lacking, the visuals and sound of the film were top notch. I saw the film in IMAX, and it definitely enhanced my experience. Godzilla and company had thunderous roars, that shook up the theater. The musical score accompanied the film very well, and helped make several scenes in their effectiveness. All the monsters, and the destruction looked very realistic. My hat goes out to the visual effects crew. They really did a fantastic job.
The King of the Monsters
The monster himself, Godzilla, was mainly great. I say mainly because I do not agree with how he was handled in the end. He was treated as a hero, and I think that was far too gimmicky. It took me out of the film completely. He is a badass monster, they do not need to make him into our savior. Up until then, he was great. He had a fantastic screen presence, and his fight at the end was superb. I do wish there was more of him, but there was enough to satisfy.
Closing Remarks
This is not the Godzilla film I wanted, but it was still fairly good. There is a lot to enjoy with quite a few things that detract from the overall quality of the film. I heard that a sequel is in the works, and that worries me. I do not see where they could go, and if this ending is any indication, I will not enjoy it. I think moviegoers will have a good time, but upon further examination, they may uncover the flaws that hinder the film from greatness.


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