Edge of Tomorrow Review

I loved the first trailer for this film. There was something about it that told me it would be good. The soundtrack was haunting, the visuals looked stunning, and the plot looked very interesting. I was careful not to watch too much footage prior to seeing the film, but I quickly realized that it would not have mattered. The trailers absolutely did not spoil anything from the film, which led to a very fresh experience. I thought the film was brilliant. It never dragged on, kept me constantly engaged, and delivered several great thrills.
Live Die Repeat
As the film’s phrase suggests, Tom Cruise’s character relives the same day over and over again. I love films that loop over and over again, but I wanted a good explanation. The film’s reason for the loop made perfect sense to me, which only added to my overall content with the film. They also handled the looped days very well. They show enough repetition so that the audience remembers what happened, but not too much where it became boring. There was also quite a bit of comedy in the film. There was a nice blend of comedy and drama. The Aliens were very cool, and quite terrifying. You do not get a clear shot of them in any previews, which makes their reveal much more horrifying. The action was also handled very well in the film. It did not detract from the story, and added some more entertainment to the film. My biggest gripe with the film is in regards to the ending. I thought it was a bit of a cop out, but it made sense to me. I did like the final shot of the film though.
Tom and Emily
The two stars of the film are Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. They are both fantastic in their roles, but I really enjoyed Cruise’s character. He had a bit of a metamorphoses as a character, and I thought it was very effective. He handled both sides of his character very well, and I liked his relationship with Emily Blunt. Her character is this praised soldier, who takes battle very seriously. These are two very different characters, and their pairing definitely elevated the film to a whole other level.
Closing Remarks
Overall, I really enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. There was so much to love, and very little to dislike. It was simply a very well crafted film, and I am sad that most people will not see it. I think it deserves to be seen, and will leave everyone satisfied with the final product.


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