A Million Ways to Die in the West Review

I actually thought Ted was a pretty good movie. It was consistently funny, and even had some heart. I like movies set during the Wild West, so I was fairly excited for his newest movie. I am sad to say that the film is quite the disappointment. It is too long, it is not funny enough, and the acting is inconsistent.
Cheap Laughs
I’m not going to get too much into the plot because there really is not much there. I thought it was uninteresting, and very clunky. The biggest problem with the movie is the comedy. I do not think it is as funny as it should be. There are A LOT of poop jokes, and after a while they start to getting a bit annoying. None of them were funny, but for some reason they kept spouting more and more poop jokes. I think the best jokes were those that were specifically in regards to the Wild West. Those were clever jokes, and they felt very relevant to the movie. There were not enough of those clever jokes, but they were definitely a highlight of the film. Another highlight were the cameos. There were four notable ones that I could think of, and I enjoyed all of them. Unfortunately, that is not enough for a comedy. The laughs need to be more consistent, and that just was not the case with MacFarlane’s new movie. Also, the movie is far too long. I found myself being bored, and waiting for the movie to end.
The Cast
Another problem with the movie is the acting. I like Seth MacFarlane. I think he is a funny guy, but he cannot carry a movie. He just is not the greatest actor, and would do a much better job as a side character. I did not find much of a point for Sarah Silverman’s character. She was fairly bland, but offered a few laughs. Liam Neeson was wasted in the movie. I think his character could have been more interesting, but he was very cut and dry. Charlize Theron was fine as Anna, but again, she was not very interesting. Neil Patrick Harris does stand out though. While he does give an over the top performance, he delivered his lines very well.
Closing Remarks
This is a movie that is best suited for television. It is boring, often unfunny, and overlong. There are several stand out moments, but not enough to recommend it. I do think that it is a good idea, but the execution is all wrong. I hope MacFarlane learns from this and creates another movie closer to the quality of Ted.


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