Orange is the New Black Season 2 Review

The highest form of praise I can give the show is that I watched all 13 episodes in three days. The show is extremely addicting, even more so than the first season. I thought the first season was really great. I loved the characters, and was extremely invested in the plot. The second season definitely plays on the strengths of the first, but it was not quite as polished. While the characters remain as interesting as ever, there were too many things going on, which led to a lack of focus.
A Tangled Narrative
What I liked about the plot lines of the first season was that they intertwined very well, and it did not feel like there was too much going on. With this season it feels like the show runners added more story lines in an effort to top the first season. I thought this was unnecessary because it cost the narrative of focus. There were some early plot lines that were quickly dumped in the beginning of the season to give room for the main plot. Now, while I thought too many plot lines hurt the season, I enjoyed them. They were all character driven and, for the most part, had satisfying outcomes. Another minor complaint I have with the season is that I think it should have been much darker. I think there were too many happy endings, and it would have been better if there were some tragic outcomes. Nonetheless, the plot lines were quite enjoyable, even if there were too many of them.
The Ensemble
Hands down, the best part of both seasons is the cast of characters. I find them all very interesting, and this season focused on several others that were not focused on before. I love the backstories for the characters, and for me Rosa was a standout. I love where the season took her, and I love her backstory. Aside from her, other characters such as Morello, Gloria, and Suzanne (Crazy Eyes) had great backstories as well. There were certain character moments that felt forced for the sake of plot, but most characters remained true throughout. My complaint with the characters is that I do not think there was enough Piper this season. She was kind of cast aside, and had a relatively dull storyline. She may not be the most interesting character, but she is the main one. She deserved a some more screen time, and stronger material.
Final Thoughts
I still really enjoyed this season, even though I had some problems. The characters are still very interesting, and I am excited to see where the next season takes them. I hate that I have to wait a whole year before seeing the next season, but the episodes were truly irresistible.


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