My (Personal) Most Anticipated Films of 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, I realize that next year is quite an exciting year for films. I could have easily made a top 20 list instead of a top 10 list, but I want to narrow down the list to the films that I absolutely cannot wait for. Without further ado, here is my top 10 list.
10. Silence
There are only two pictures released for this film, and no trailer. However, Martin Scorsese is directing with Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson, and Adam Driver starring. There is so much talent involved in this film that it is hard to keep it off the list. Scorsese is not only one of the best directors working right now, but he is also one of the best directors of all time. The plot seems interesting, and with such a talented crew in front of and behind the camera, I am sure it will be a masterfully produced film.
9. Star Trek Beyond
I am a huge fan of the Star Trek series. I used to watch the television show when I was younger, and have liked most of the original films. JJ Abrams’s rebooted series has been great so far, so I am very excited to see where this next film goes. Unfortunately Abrams is no longer directing, but I still think the film is going to be quite good. I personally liked the trailer, even though many people did not. I thought it was fun, but still had elements that I enjoyed in the first two Star Treks (of the rebooted series). I do not think it will be as good as those, but I hope it comes relatively close.

Score: 7.2/10

8. Assassin’s Creed
When I was about 12 I started playing the Assassin’s Creed games. I always thought they had great potential to be brought to the big screen, and so now we have a film in production. Not only that, but Michael Fassbender is in the leading role, with Justin Kurzel directing. Most recently the two of them collaborated on Macbeth which I hear is a great film. I hope that this is not like all the video game adaptations of the past, which means it will actually be good. There is not trailer yet so I have no indication of whether or not it is on the right track. However, some set pictures have reveled Fassbender in his Assassin’s outfit, and he looks fantastic. Needless to say, I have high expectations for this film and I hope it delivers.
7. The Nice Guys
Just like most films on this list, here we have a great pairing between director and actors. Shane Black is a pretty great writer/director, and he has been responsible for many great films like Lethal Weapon. This film pairs up Black along with actors Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. These are two exceptional actors, and based on the trailer they seem to have remarkable chemistry. The trailer also had wonderful cinematography, and was hilarious throughout. I really hope this is yet another great buddy cop film courtesy of Shane Black.

Score: 8.9/10

6. Deadpool
Of all the films on this list, this one is nearly here. There is just a little over a month left until the film is released, and it looks hilarious. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect person to portray someone as goofy as Wade Wilson/Deadpool (we will forget X-Men Origins). The first trailer was okay, but the second trailer showed just how funny this film can be. Not only that but the action seems top notch. There is a good chance that the film will not live up to expectations, but I really hope it does. This film was not even supposed to happen, so the fact that it is indeed happening gives me hope that it will be another great superhero film.

Score: 9/10

5. The Disaster Artist
Have you ever heard of The Room? It is probably the best worst film ever made. It is terrible, but so terrible that it is hilarious. One of the actors wrote a book about the experience of producing the film, and now James Franco is directing an adaptation of this book. I cannot wait to see this because I am not only a fan of the original film, but the book is hilarious. The director, Tommy Wiseau is one of the strangest people on the planet, and any film that explores him is going to be something special. This could also turn out to not be as great, but I am still very excited to see how the film turns out.
4. Captain America: Civil War
Now we are getting to the heavy-hitters. I simply cannot wait for these next four films to be released. Some people may have the newest Captain America higher up on their list, but I know that it will be a solid film. Most of Marvel’s films are good, but too few of them take risks. That is why I am hesitant to put this higher up on my list. However, I could see this film taking some much needed risks and diverging from Marvel’s typical formula. The Russo Brothers are directing this, and they did a phenomenal job with The Winter Soldier. I hope the action and storytelling is equally top notch this time around. The film will also introduce Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which I am very excited for.

Score: 9/10

3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
A Star Wars film without focusing on the struggle between the light and the dark side? Sign me up! I am not sure whether or not there will be any appearances by jedi in this film, but it seems like it will focus on a group of rebels. This sounds really interesting, and it will be refreshing to see a film set in the Star Wars universe where the film does not focus on a jedi. The plot will revolve around this group of rebels discovering the plans for the death star, so it will take place shortly before Episode IV. When I heard that I thought that Darth Vadar will surely be used in some capacity, and I hope he is. That would make this film amazing.
2. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice
Here is the thing, the trailers have started giving away too much of the plot. I feel like I could piece together the film, but I am still equally as excited for it. Affleck looks incredible as Batman, and Cavill looks like he will be an even more awesome Superman than before. Man of Steel is a solid film, with several glaring problems, but it seems like these problems will be addressed in this film. This film needs to be good, because if it is not, DC will be in a lot of trouble. They need to catch up to Marvel, and the only way they will is if this film is a hit. Hopefully it does not spend too much time setting up other fils. It has the potential to be one of the best super hero films ever made. I hope it reaches its potential.

Theatrical Edition Score: 6.7/10
Ultimate Edition Score: 7.5/10

1. Suicide Squad
Yes, I know. Blasphemous right? I am more excited for this film than even Batman V. Superman. The main draw here is the fact that we are seeing something new. I cannot recall a film where the main focus was on the villains. This is a great idea, that is made better by the cast and crew involved. David Ayer is directing and he has done some fine work with films such as Fury. He will definitely bring some grit to the film. Margot Robbie and Jared Leto also look absolutely phenomenal in the film. The teaser did not show too much of them, but what it did show excited me. Of all the trailers I have seen this year, this one stuck with me the most. I have a really good feeling about this film, and of course am most excited to see it.

Score: 5.9/10

Well that is my list. Just like last year’s list I will update this post with my scores after I see the films. Expectations rarely line up with reality, so it will be interesting to see how these films fare. Hopefully they do a little better than the films on my Most Anticipated List of 2015.


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