Doctor Who Series 9 (Some Spoilers)

Simply put, this is one of the greatest seasons of Doctor Who I have ever seen (I’ve seen series 1-9). The review would have been up earlier, but I did not want to finalize my review before seeing this years Christmas Special, which was very enjoyable. While the Christmas Special was lighthearted, the actual season was often very dark. There were some lighthearted moments sprinkled throughout, but for the most part there were many episodes that dealt with intense situations, putting The Doctor in a very grim position.
I Am The Doctor. And I Save People
The best part of this season (or Series if you are a proper Brit) is Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. He was absolutely breathtaking, and every time he was on screen I could not turn away. I am constantly impressed by Capaldi’s ability to switch between comedy and drama while maintaining his intense personality. The writers seemed to be well aware of Capaldi’s acting abilities because they gave him a chance to shine in almost every episode of the season. Alongside Capaldi, I was also impressed by Jenna Coleman. She and Capaldi have great chemistry, and they worked better this season than ever before. I also think Coleman and Capaldi have much better chemistry than Matt Smith’s run as The Doctor. The newest incarnation just works tremendously well with Coleman, and the two of them are able to elevate each other’s performances. Enough time has passed where I think spoilers would be appropriate, so here we go: Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) has left The Doctor. Her departure was very memorable, and I love how the show spent three episodes to explore it along with the repercussions. This was handled exceptionally well because of these repercussions. Unlike some companions of the past, there was a lasting effect that will likely transfer onto the next season too. Another highlight this season was Maisie Williams as “Me”. She had some fantastic scenes with Capaldi, and was presented very eloquently as both a villain and a victim. All the episodes involving her were typically well crafted, and I hope she returns in the upcoming seasons. Along with some great acting by the main characters of the season, there were some very interesting villains along with episodes that proved to be quite compelling. Unlike past seasons there were not too many filler-episodes, which made for a consistently satisfying season.
Just The Doctor and Clara Oswald In The Tardis
Before I discuss my top three episodes of the season, there are a few negatives. First of all, there were three episodes I thought were okay. I did not hate them, but they did not reach the heights of all the other great episodes that this season had to offer. There were some goofy moments sprinkled throughout with poor writing that felt a bit out of place, but nothing too glaring. Overall this season has been more consistent and more satisfying than Capaldi’s first season on the show. My picks for the top episodes are: “The Magician’s Apprentice”, “Face the Raven”, and “Heaven Sent”. First of all, this season’s premiere was amazing (The Magician’s Apprentice”). It set up the season very well, and demonstrated The Doctor’s refined relationship with Clara. Along with that we got a great story involving both the daleks and Missy. “Face the Raven” is my second favorite episode because of how the show handled Clara’s death. Sure more was revealed in the finale, but there is something poetic about how this particular episode dealt with it. Clara was slowly becoming more and more like The Doctor, but this episode showed us what happens when someone thinks they are The Doctor. Finally, my favorite episode of the season is of course “Heaven Sent”. If you have seen this episode, you know why it is amazing. It is a great character study on The Doctor and how far he will go for the people he cares about. The episode relied on Capaldi’s performance and man did he deliver. He, along with the episode, was an absolute revelation. It is not only the best episode of the season, but it is also one of the best episode of Doctor Who.
Closing Remarks
All in all, this was a fantastic season. It took the character of The Doctor to new and exciting places, making me very excited for the next season. Sure there were several episodes, and several moments that were not as great as they could have been, but that is to be expected with every season. This season surpassed all my expectations, making it one of the most memorable seasons for the show to date.


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