Thoughts and Opinions on Comic Con 2017

I cannot be the only person who is a bit disappointed with this year’s Comic Con. I am sure that the people who were in attendance were not disappointed, but for those of us at home there was not much to behold. Sure, we got a couple of new trailers, but nothing new was announced, and nothing unexpected happened.
TV Land
There was a lot of strong TV material this year. Starting off with Marvel, the lucky people in attendance of The Defender’s panel were treated to the first episode. From what I hear most people seemed to like it. Those of us at home were treated to a new trailer, which looks pretty cool. I am a bit skeptical though because it seems like The Defenders are clashing with Madam Gao, and honestly I am a bit tired of her. She keeps popping up in these Marvel TV shows but it is never fully explained who she is. Hopefully the show sheds some light on the matter. It was also announced that Iron Fist is getting a second season. I am a bit indifferent towards this news because I am not a fan of Iron Fist (the show). However, it will be helmed by a new Showrunner, so maybe it will be better. Probably the biggest trailer (at least in Television) to come out of Comic Con was the Stranger Things Season 2 trailer.

The boys are back in town!

I am not going to lie, I was not enamored by the trailer. It does not look bad at all, but nothing about it surprised me. Will is stuck between our world and The Upside Down. Eleven is still alive but stuck in the Upside Down. These are all plot points that the season 1 finale hinted at. I was hoping something would happen that would take my breath away, but no such luck. I am sure that the season will be solid, I just was not the biggest fan of the trailer. There was also a trailer for the new Star Trek show, Star Trek Discovery. It looks pretty good. I am not a fan of the song choice, but other than that I like the visuals and the cast. It seems like the show will feel more like the modern film series, but I hope it infuses the philosophical nature of the original series. Now onto the CW DC shows. I only watch Arrow and The Flash (I am behind on Legends of Tomorrow), so those are the only trailers I am going to discuss. The Flash trailer was merely “okay”. It does not seem like they are headed in a different direction, but I am glad that they restrained from showing Barry at all. We shall see how the season shall pan out, but for right now I am not too excited about it. Arrow‘s trailer was very interesting. They are still keeping quiet on who survived the island, but it seems like the two that certainly survived are Slade Wilson, and the new Black Canary (Dinah Drake). They have not revealed too much, but it seems like they are keeping up the momentum from last season.
Non-Superhero Films
Comic Con is always the place to be when talking about Super Hero content, but they also showcase quite a bit of non-superhero content. Warner Brothers revealed the first trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One. I know this is based on a book, but I have not read it. The trailer itself looks pretty cool. The visuals look stellar, and the concept of the film is insane. It seems like people enter this virtual reality where all their wildest dreams can come true. I do worry that the film will have too many references, but we shall see. Another small trailer (kind of) that was released was for the new Pacific Rim film. It was more of a marketing video showcasing the new Jaegers, but I thought it was a nice little video. John Boyega sounds like a young Idris Elba in the video, which is perfect considering he is portraying his character’s son in the film. A new Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer was also released. This trailer was pretty great. In fact, I have probably watched this trailer more than any other trailer released at Comic Con. I am told that those who attended Fox’s panel were treated to the entire opening of the film.

Looks like a bloody good time.

I am jealous, but the film will come out soon enough, so at least the wait is not too long. My only concern with the trailer is that they are not showcasing much of Julianne Moore. I hope she is a good villain because I really enjoyed Samuel L. Jackson in the first film. Finally, a new trailer for Bright was released. When I first watched this trailer I thought it did not look very good, but then I gave it another viewing. It certainly is an odd film, but why should odd be off-putting? It has an interesting premise that feels completely different from what most films are doing. In fact, the entire world that is established in the film feels very much “live-in”. It may not be my favorite trailer, but it is one that stuck with me because of how unique the film seems to be.
Superhero Films
DC as always came out strong. They showed a new trailer for Justice League that did not disappoint. Is it a great trailer? No, but it had many great moments within it. I particularly enjoyed The Flash in the trailer. Who could be the mysterious character at the end? It is probably Superman, but I have a theory: I think Superman comes into play at around the middle of the film. He is not going to be himself and refuses to join the Justice League. Bruce reassures the team, and Alfred that he will come back and join up with them. This leads into that scene at the end of the trailer. Other than Justice League there was not a lot revealed about DC’s upcoming films, other than The Flash film will be about Flashpoint. I find this really interesting because while it may feel too soon, it also feels appropriate because perhaps The Flash discovers his ability to travel in time, and so he decides to save his mother, thereby creating Flashpoint. Some Aquaman footage was also shown, but it was not released to the public so I cannot react to it. As far as Marvel goes they came out swinging. A new trailer for Thor:Ragnarok was released and it looks pretty fun. I still have some reservations about the film, but it looks solid.

Something just looks off.

The CGI for The Hulk does not look all that great though. There is something about it that is lacking. Some footage from Black Panther was also shown at Marvel’s panel, along with a teaser for Infinity War. The teaser did leak online and I might have caught a glimpse or two from it. It seems really exciting, but I cannot help but wonder when they will release the full teaser. I hope it is soon because I want to watch it at least 50 times. Marvel also showcased some concept art for Captain Marvel which seems very interesting. Apparently it is set in the 1990s and the villains will be the Skrulls. I am not familiar with them, but from what I read they seem very interesting.
Closing Remarks
All in all, I believe it was a disappointing Comic Con for those who were not in attendance. Nothing new or exciting was unveiled, just more of the same. What they did show is really cool, but I just want something fresh to get excited about.


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