Mr. Peabody and Sherman Review

When I first saw the trailer for Mr. Peabody and Sherman, I thought it looked exclusively for children. After watching the film, I have to say that I was partially right. Most of the jokes were directed towards children, but there were a handful of jokes that were directed towards adults. There were 3 jokes in particular that made me laugh quite a lot. The plot is not anything new, but what really worked was the heart of the film. I loved the relationship between Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Their interactions kept me consistently engaged in the film. The entire voice cast did a great job, and the visuals were spectacular. I also really enjoyed the time travel aspect to the narrative. It provided some educational moments, and some cool time travel moments. Overall, I was not too impressed with the jokes, but the relationship of the two leads kept me engaged. While I did not love the film, I still think it was good fun for the whole family.


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