Robocop Review

First of all, I have never seen the original Robocop film, so there will be no comparisons in this review. While I did have alot of fun with this film, it did suffer from several problems. The plot is not very engaging, but the robot/human conflict is. I thought the film raised some very interesting questions, and put Alex Murphy in a very interesting situation. The problem is, there is never a huge payoff. The film had my attention with the first half, but began to lose me as the film went on. I thought it could have been a bit more fun, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The visual effects were great. I thought they were well executed, and added to the action. The acting was decent. The main guy, Joel Kinnaman, does a fine job with what he has in his role. The actress that played his wife was not very good. I never believed her character, and thought she was also poorly characterized. The standout for me was Gary Oldman. He does a great job as the doctor, and sold me on his character. Michael Keaton was fine, but a bit over the top at times. Overall, I enjoyed Robocop, even though it suffers from many problems. The script is bland and questions that are raised are never really answered.


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