Need for Speed Review

I cannot recall a video game adaptation that I thought was particularly good. I have not seen too many of them, but I thought at best they were fun. Need for Speed falls within the same category. While I do think there were fun parts, it ultimately suffers from poor direction, a bad script, and a bland plot. The acting is a reflection of the directing. Aaron Paul is the star of the film, and he is a great actor. In this film he is only okay. He does all he could in his role, but it was clear that the direction bogged down his performance. The other actors were fine for the film, but not that great. It does not help the actors when the dialogue is horrible, and in this film it definitely is. Some lines were just plain stupid, and hearing them out loud made me wonder who wrote the script and thought it was acceptable. It just came across as lazy. The plot had some nice moments, and it worked for what the film was trying to achieve, but it ultimately is just a rehash of material from other films. These aspects of the film are not what the crew were probably focusing on, but they should have refined them. It hurt the overall experience and enjoyment of the film. However, the driving, stunts, and filming of the film were all top notch. I greatly appreciate the fact that all the stunts were in face stunts, and not CGI. I think it made the overall experience more thrilling, but there were too little car work to make up the shortcomings of the other aspects of the film. Overall, Need for Speed is not a bad time at the movies, but it certainly does not make me want to see it again. There were some great stunts with the cars, but the script, plot, and direction make the film suffer.


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