300: Rise of an Empire Review

I was a big fan of the original 300 film. While it was style over substance, I had a lot of fun with it. I did not think the sequel would be any good, but I was wrong. I really enjoyed 300: Rise of an Empire. The action is fast, and the effects are cool, but there is a lack of substance much like the first film. The script was occasionally good, but not nearly as memorable as the first one. There were not as many one liners. The plot was interesting, but a bit clunky. I like how it paralleled the first 300 film, and even how it showcased several events prior to the original 300. I think they switched around a bit too much, and should have focused on several characters more than they did, such as Xerxes. I thought his backstory was very interesting, and wanted some more time spent with him. The main guy who plays Themistocles does a pretty good job. I heard some negative reactions to his character, but I thought he was fine. The stand out is Eva Green, who plays Artemisia. She was fantastically conniving. I thought her character was very interesting, more so than Themistocles. The effects were mainly good, even if they were occasionally noticeably CG. I also think the slow motion was a bit over done, but it is not a huge complaint. Overall, I really enjoyed this film. It’s script and plot are not anything noteworthy, but Artemisia and the amazing action make it worthwhile. A word of caution: Do not bring children to see this film.


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