How I Met Your Mother Finale Review

WARNING! Spoilers Ahead: First and foremost, I am a big fan of the series. I absolutely love the characters, and think the show is often very clever. However, I do think the last couple of season were a bit lackluster. The show has overstayed its’ welcome, but I had high hopes for the finale. Even though I thought season 9 was merely “OK”, I felt that the finale would satisfy. I could not be more wrong. I absolutely hated the finale. While there were some strong moments, overall it fell flat and ended the show on a low note. I’ll start off with the Ted’s departure. It was a very nice moment for all the characters. Even though I knew that he would not stay gone, I liked each of the farewell’s between characters. I also thought the way he came back was hilarious. Then the rest of the episode went through time to show the gangs’ lives after Ted met the mother. The first aspect of this that I hated, was Barney and Robins’ divorce. I understand why it happened and it makes sense (sort of) in the context of their characters, but it was rushed and undid the events of the entire season. There was a lot of growth between Barney and Robin during the season, and they put that aside in order to split them up. Also, it is aggravating that a whole season was spent on a wedding that ultimately did not last. The relationship between Ted and the mother is something that was explored throughout the season, as well as the finale. I enjoyed those scenes, but did not enjoy what followed. I thought that the mother would die, but I hate how the show made it seem so unimportant. I understand she passed away six years prior to Ted telling the story, but neither he nor his children seemed to care. Of course the show turns around and gives Ted one last shot with Robin. I think what they did was very clever, but because of the duration of the show (9 seasons) it did not work. Had they ended the show at the end of season 4 or 5, the ending fit much better. Instead, we have a lot of character development that is undone in one hour of the show, and the mother is reduced to a segue to Robin. Overall, I did not enjoy this finale. While it had some great moments, it was an utter disappointment. The show has had its’ ups and downs but in the end, its’ fans are left with a finale that is merely a shadow of its’ former self.


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